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At Fuller Industries, Inc. we specialize in all facets of Concrete Repair and Resurfacing.  Our skilled Craftsmen are commited to providing high quality installations of interior and exterior flooring systems.  Whether it's our Quartz flooring at Vanderbilt Children's' Hospital, or our decorative concrete resurfacing and acid staining on the Shelby Street Bridge; we have proven solutions for practically any environment.  We pride ourselves on solving major problems in the seamless flooring and decorative concrete industry.  For detailed information on the different products we offer, click on the pictures below.


 Fuller Industries, Inc. Product Guide 


Our Seemless Quartz flooring systems are designed for versatility, constant traffic and ease of maintenance without sacrificing aesthesis for a beautiful looking floor.



Acid Stain is not a paint or sealer. Acid Stain colors the concrete by creating a chemical reaction that produces vivid, marbled color by lightly etching and penetrating concrete. This results in a distinctive, variegated permanent finish that will not fade.




Quality resins are the key components in any flooring system. High-strength, abrasion-resistant, epoxy or acrylic coatings can be further enhanced with Bio-Pruf® anti microbial treatment, corrosion and heat-resistant Novolac™ and other special formulations.


In areas where containment and stress relief head the list of priorities, an elastomeric waterproofing membrane is an ideal foundation layer.



These fast curing Acrylic (MMA) Systems combine the benefits of an ultra fast cure with UV stability, which makes them perfect for exterior or cold interior environments.



Concrete Repair - bridge concrete degradation and cracking.




  • kitchenPoly-Crete

Our urethane based system is a heavy duty seamless resurfacer that provides exceptional durability and service.


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